Circle is only building master branch

Circle is not kicking off builds when I push new branches or when I push commits to those new branches. It’s only building master branch. What am I doing wrong?

By default CircleCI should build every branch:

Can you share more details about your configuration?

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Can you share your circle.yml, that would be the quickest way to get to the bottom of what is happening here.

Hey guys, thanks for the help, but I think I figured out my issue. Turns out, if you follow a build in Circle, AND you go into Github and you enable the “CircleCI” configuration, it doesn’t seem to update circle when there’s a new commit.

I may have enabled the service in github before I followed the repo in Circle too.


Glad you figured this out!


I see that a few people are having this issue. I’ve never managed to get a build to automatically happen since enabling this. I’ve had to trigger them manually. I’ve tried unfollowing on circleci and even updating the webhook on github, and nothing is triggering a build.


Same issue. CircleCI did not notice a new branch being created and pushed to GitHub.
Also am struggling with finding an option to add a tracking of the new branch in CircleCI.

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