Adding first project, "Start Building" button returns "Failed"

I am trying to setup my first project using CircleCI, having built up experience with related services from TravisCI and AppVeyor.

Specifically this is a Python 2.7 project (due to upstream dependencies) on GitHub on a public repository, and I have created a simple .circleci/config.yml file on a new (temporary) branch circleci which passes local validation:

$ circleci version
$ circleci config validate
Config file at .circleci/config.yml is valid.

Through the CircleCI website I have logged in using GitHub, and have selected this project from my personal account (not one of the organisations I have access too) via “Add Projects”, selected Linux, Python and then clicked on “Start Building”. Within about a second the button switches to “Building” and then “Failed”.

Is there a way to see why this failed? Right now my only guess is that .circleci/config.yml needs to exist on the default branch, which I would prefer to avoid at this point.

TravisCI have just tweeted

`[status] Monitoring: We are still waiting for GitHub to restart sending webhooks for repository/commit events. We will post an update as soon as this happens. Thank you for your patience.

This might explain why CircleCI is also not working for me?

I believe so yes. Their status page says they have pauses all webhooks:

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Confirmed - the seemingly stuck UI almost certainly due to the GitHub outage yesterday.

Today reports all systems go.

Clicking “Start Building” worked today, initially building the master branch which of course failed (no CircleCI configuration file). I then updated my circleci branch and that also ran (and failed, but I have a useful log to work from).

Thank you!

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