What happened to the re-build link in the all builds list?

Until a few days ago, there was a link to rebuild(but not with ssh) on each build in the main build list. but now its gone???

We used that alot - can we get it back?


How do we rebuild without SSH now that this button is gone?

It looks like it is still there, as long as these two conditions are true:

  • The build failed
  • The build is not part of a workflow

If you want to rebuild, then:

  • For a build that is part of a workflow, rebuild it from the workflow screen
  • For a successful build that is not part of a workflow, click on the build, and the rebuild button is still in there.

I think you’re right, it does seem to have changed. I think hiding it for workflow builds was already in place, but successful non-workflow builds also seem to hide this shortcut too now.

@halfer: Thanks, I had no idea about workflows. You’re right it looks like I can re-build it from there.

That being said, I can’t re-build while other builds in the same workflow are currently running - I have to wait until they are all finished before I get an option to rebuild failed only. This is not ideal for me – can we have the re-build from main build list button back??

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