Why was Rebuild Without Cache button removed for workflows?

Continuing the discussion from Build without cache is not always available for 2.0 builds:

Is there a reason the button was removed, and now you need to commit a change bumping the version to clear the cache? At first glance this seems like an overly-cumbersome workflow, but maybe there’s some logic to it I’m missing.


I still get this option on ordinary push-triggered jobs, but not on scheduled workflow jobs. I am not sure if that is the differentiating factor.

Yeah I think that’s true, updated question to be about workflows.

I’m hitting this same problem. I don’t want to have to commit a change to a project just so that it picks up patches as part of a general semver workflow.

This issue says it’s “[…] available under the builds page currently – you can only rerun a given build without cache from there”

… how do I access the “Builds” page?

“Builds” was renamed to “Jobs” - it is the first tab in the sidebar.

Where PRECISELY is this apparent button?

I see nothing on the “Builds” page which would allow me to re-run without cache.

@yellow - it seems to be removed for my workflow builds, but it is available for single job builds. I wonder if there was an issue re-running jobs singly without the workflow they appear in?

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