Workflows: job "build" not found

Using the new 2.0 workflow scheme used to work, but now reports job "build" is not found; cf. Indeed there is no such job, but rather python2 and python3.

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Thanks for reporting this. It fails when a job is triggered by the API rather than from a source code commit. The first failed build was started from a settings change in our UI and the second was a rebuild. Both of these use the API to start a normal build - not a workflow.

We don’t currently have a way to start workflows via the API (which is what our UI uses to start a job) so clicking ‘rebuild’ won’t run the workflows. To do so, you need to go to the ‘workflows’ section of the UI and choose ‘rerun’. ‘rerun failed jobs’ or ‘rerun from beginning’.

I realise that’s a bit confusing! We’ll improve the UI around this during the rest of the Beta.

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Thanks for the reply. Indeed, it’s a bit confusing, but with your help I found the right buttons to click.

FYI This also happens when the first build is triggered when adding a new repo (that contains a valid .circleci/config.yml file). When i did a fake commit, it worked.

Does this mean using Workflows for automated CI tests, e.g. triggered by Phabricator will not work?

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+1 I have the same question. I’m assuming that triggering Workflows with Phabricator does not work.

According to my conversation with support, that is correct. Hopefully they are working on it, as it is likely pretty darn common for us non-github users. I imagine for most Github-workflow uses who create a branch for each change, things just work.

Does anyone know if this triggering workflow builds from forked PRs works now?