Workflow is not running via API

I am using a simple workflow which consists of two jobs -

  1. Build
  2. Deploy (requires Build)
  version: 2
  # The build and deploy workflow
      - build
      # The deploy job will only run on the filtered branches and
      # require the build job to be successful before it starts
      - deploy:
            - build

I am using a Github repo for the project,
When I commit on Github, workflow executes successfully.

but when I trigger the same via API, it triggers only build job and not deploy, I want workflow to be executed in same way as from commit on Github.

My API endpoint looks like:

Please help me with this.


You are currently not able to trigger a workflow via the API, this is something we are tracking here While it seems there may not be much activity on the request, it is very close to the top of our priority list and we hope to have it soon.

If you vote on the feature request, you will be notified when it is released.

Hi drazisil ,

Thanks for your kind Response.

What I got from your point is that we cannot trigger workflow using API as of now, correct me if I am missing something.

Please let me know if there are any workarounds available.



Yes, that is correct, sorry for the confusion. At this time there are no workaround for being unable to trigger a workflow via API, but we are hoping to have this functionality soon.

hey @drazisil, any change to narrow down what “soon” means?

Many thanks!

Much as I dislike giving timelines that I don’t have a firm commitment on, the last update I received was that it is in our next up queue and we are hoping for 1-3 months. It involves more work than it seems, and there are a couple other things prioritized above it, but we feel the pain and are working to make it happen.