Cannot restart failed build (from list or detail view)

When looking at there is currently one build failing (due to a flaky test), that I would like to re-run.
Previously there was a rerun-ink below the “failed” badge, but it is gone.

But more important is that the build’s detail page only offers “Rerun job with SSH”, although you can see during the page loading that there is supposed to be also “Rebuild”.

  1. I think “Rebuild” should be available from the details page
  2. “Rebuild” should also be available from the list view

Any news on this one?
@blueyed As a workaround I’m using an url to trigger the build�iled_build_id%
f.e neomake/neomake/7908

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any update on this?

The option to “rerun job with SSH” is super annoying because if all the tests pass I still have to wait ten minutes for ssh session to timeout before the tests will count as passed.

There used to be a button to rerun a single test but now the only option is to run it with ssh. Although @syabro idea is a good hack around it :slight_smile:

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