Test fails on Free plan and pass on Paid plan


We have a project and we work on fork of that project per developer. Our main project is running Paid plan of CircleCI and fork repository are using Free plan. And we found out that same test pass on Paid plan where it fails on Free plan. If we look on the CircleCI plan it was only supposed to be number of concurrent instance that differ for Paid plan so test should have worked perfectly fine.

Is there anything that we can do to pass same test on Free plan as well.
If Free plan can not have the same output because of the resource allocated for Free plan being different. Is there a way to link Fork repository to Paid organization and build from there.

What is the precise nature of the failure?

Test gives error on waiting and not finding element. Just wondering is it because of multiple test instance running that caused test to wait longer?

Hi Laxman. Paid does not get any additional resources unless you request them in your config, which would then likeley fail on free since they are not allowed.

Are you able to share the config so we can take a look?