Consumed all my plan plus more doing configuration

Hello, I’m trying to contact someone from CircleCI but I just can’t. Sent an email a week ago and no answer yet.

More than 110% of my plan has been consumed while trying to configure a automatization. It’s really frustrating. Even more, I’m paying for the OS X container which comes with 2 simultaneous containers and they don’t work with parallelism. The builds and tests take much more than usual, sometimes 24 minutes, thats way too much time for that. To add something more, I have to run 3 times the same test because the first and second time it fails, and without any change, it passes on the third try. This makes me waste 3 times more time that it’s “supposed” to.

Hope that someone can help me out here. I have a payed account but in it says: “Hi there! It looks like you are currently using our free plan. We offer community support using this forum for free users.”.