How to tell how many concurrent builds I have

I’m extremely confused about Circle’s terminology.

It looks like in the last week or so, Circle changed pricing model substantially. According to the pricing page, The free plan gets “up to 30 jobs at a time” (as of 10/29, it was 1 job at a time).

This is great, however I had one of my builds stuck: “The job was waitlisted due to Concurrency Limits”.

I could not for the life of my find what my concurrency limit was or what that error message was using to calculate what concurrency I was using. I went through everything I could find and was not running any job, no ssh jobs were stuck, nothing.

The error message said to check my plan. It does show I’m on the free plan with the ability to run 30 jobs at once.

So what gives? Is this just buggy or am I not understanding what “concurrent” means?

Hi @davetron5000! Usually, this error happens because of running SSH jobs. Check out this support article and see if it helps. I’m happy to answer follow up questions!

Thanks for the quick reply! I did see that article (I think you posted it to another person who had a similar question :slight_smile: and went to the magic url. I even scrolled through all jobs and there was not a single ssh container running.

But supposing there was—wouldn’t there have to be 30 of them running to use up my concurrent job limit of 30 jobs?

I see what you mean. You should be able to run 30 jobs at the same time. I’m checking in with the team to get verification and have them take a look.

@davetron5000 This may have been part of an incident that is now resolved. You should definitely have 30 concurrent jobs available to you, and if you see that error again, please let me know.

OK, good to know. I haven’t seen this crop up again since, so that sounds like it was it. Thanks!!!

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