Some jobs are not starting

We pushed to a branch 4 hours ago and Circle CI only ran one job in our pipeline. The 1st job ran and completed in 1 min, two jobs are ready to run however it looks like Circle CI hasn’t started them. The status says “Not Running” and has been like that for the past 4 hrs. Anybody know what’s going on?

The project and branch is here: GitHub - Sceptre/sceptre at test-cci-d45ffaf

The circleci build is here:

We had the same situation, after overnight, I read there was some outage recently, so perhaps jobs got throttled?

Hi @zaro0508 ,

Thank you for brining this issue to our attention. We are currently looking into it,
and will provide an update as soon as we identify the cause.

Best Regards

Hi @zaro0508 @rgleason ,

Thank you for your patience.

I have an update regarding this.

We have identified the cause of the issue that is affecting the maximum concurrency allowance for users on the free (oss) plan, and have merged a fix that allows for 4x concurrency (1x + 3x free oss).

We are still investigating an issue when using parallelism: 4 in builds which results in a not running state such as the one seen in the screenshot above. A temporary workaround for this would be to set the parallelism to 3.

We declared an incident regarding this yesterday:

Functionality has been restored, and the issue should no longer be appearing. Setting parallelism back to 4 will work now as well.