Switching notification channel based on workflow/job failed/fixed?



Our development team follows the git-flow in our development.
Reference: https://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/

In such case, the build failure for topic branch is not so much of a problem, where as several failures, for example build failures against develop/master branch, are of great concern.

So, I thought it would be great if we could switch the circleci slack notification based on which branch the job is built against. Moreover, if I could switch notification channel based on the workflow/job being run, then I could prepare dedicated workflow/job against the develop/master build so that the desired notification switch can be achieved.


  • Is it possible to switch slack notification channel based on which workflow/job being run?
    • If not, is there any method to achieve prioritized notification on builds for several branches, so that when those builds failed, we can get notified for sure?


Hi @Yuki-Inoue, I believe you can use our Slack orb for this purpose:

In the Help section of the README, you can repeat steps 3-5 as many times as you’d like to add multiple, channel-specific webhooks to your Slack app. You can then call the orb’s notify command in as many jobs/workflows as you’d like, passing it different values for the webhook parameter depending on which channel you’d like to notify.