Switch to a better ideas provider?

Currently CircleCI uses Aha, which I have found extraordinarily difficult to use. It is perhaps just my specific configuration that trips it up - Firefox, NoScript, Linux and a VPN may all be reasons why it does not work well enough for me to spend any time on it.

So far:

  • JavaScript crashes/errors, breaking key features
  • Ideas being accepted and then not appearing
  • No visible way to sign in (can only create a new account)
  • Once an admin in CircleCI publishes my ideas, they are owned by “Guest” and I cannot access them
  • Possibly related: my email address is not recognised as an existing account

This user experience has not been satisfactory. I have however just used Canny to make some suggestions for Mongo Stitch, and it worked first time around, flawlessly. No tweaking was required to my NoScript widget, and my “awkward squad” configuration is the same as I’ve used with Aha.

So, if CircleCI happen to be dissatisfied with Aha, there’s a alternative suggestion. (I have no connection with Canny, I just like bulletproof software).

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I’ve relayed this to the Product team who’s in charge of that decision. Thanks for sharing.

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