New Feature Requests Portal


CircleCI Feature Requests should now be submitted to:

The ‘Feature Requests’ category in this forum is now locked. We’ll migrate some of the most popular requests over to the new portal.

The new system connects directly to our product planning tools so we can better plan and respond to your requests.

New Feature Requests Portal - this category is closed
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New Feature Request Portal - This Category is Closed

Hi @tom

It’s actually impossible to sign up to this, every time you click the link from the signup email you see the passsword form for a split second before being redirected to a domain which 404’s as it cannot find that idea.

The offending code is

function location_from_idea_id (idea_id) {
  var location = "";
  if (idea_id) {
    return location + "?idea=" + idea_id.toString();
  } else {
    return location;

if (!in_iframe()) {
  // $ window.location.href
  // ""
  // $ window.location.pathname.split("/")[2]
  // "CCI-I-183"
  var idea_id = window.location.pathname.split("/")[2];
  window.location.href = location_from_idea_id(idea_id);

Also, you’ll see it happen when you click this


Thanks for letting us know. I’ll update here as soon as it’s fixed.


@sjdweb this is fixed now


Please, add Markdown or another markup support for Feature Requests portal.

Online text formatting in browser — this is a distant past.



Hi @tom,

the signup link is missing on the ideas website (or I didn’t find it). Upvoting also doesn’t work logged out (didn’t receive an e-mail).

In the meantime, here it is: (following @sjdweb’s posted “password reset” link)


Thanks for letting us know about these issues. We need to iron out some wrinkles with it! I’ve let the team know and we’ll work to get it fixed and easier to use.