It's very annoying that you force users to click "Go To App" on your site

I really dig circleci but it is the only CI i have ever used that requires me to look your promotional page before i can get to my builds. I wish you would redirect to the “app” if we were logged in like a normal website. It’s a bad user experience to always have that extra click. And I am already a customer so I dont care about the promotional page that I literally never even read. (yes i could bookmark it but I navigate by google chrome search bar).


Could not agree more

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Hi @nickbl,

Thank you for the feedback. We always appreciate insight into the user experience, and this is an issue we’ve heard about before. It helps to have more data! I’m going to follow-up with our UX team.

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Awesome :slight_smile:

@nickbl To follow up: our UX team would love to chat with you as part of their research. If you have time and are willing, you can DM me your contact info. If you’re busy, we totally understand, and your feedback has made it to the team!