Terrible, terrible usability

Long-time paid circleci user here; I’ve brought it into several companies. Last month I sent this off to support, but now I see there is a discussion forum here and this seems a better place:

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the new UX (“pipelines”).

I’m not one of those people that feels that “change is bad”, but this new UI adds several additional clicks to every operation I normally perform. I have a simple build with one pipeline (or whatever it’s called).

  • From the build listing page, I used to be able to click once to see the results. Now it’s click workflow, then click on the pipeline, then click on “test results”.

  • Rebuilding a failed build used to be a convenient button on the listing page. Now it’s click workflow, click on the menu, click Rerun from Start.

Those two flows represent 95% of my daily interaction with CircleCI, and they’re now 3X harder. I know it sounds like a trivial complaint, but for what used to be a very simple and straightforward UX (granted, with an enormous amount of underlying complexity), this is a big step backwards.

…and after another month, my frustration has only grown. Let me add the extra buttonclicks required for “cancel” to that list, which is a big chunk of my other 5%.

Using Circleci has gone from being a joy to being a pain for me. It’s slow and buttonclicky. It know it sounds so simple! Just a few extra buttonclicks! But seriously, I’m measuring the “up front cost of configuring my build for a different CI service” vs the “ongoing pain of having to click wait click wait click wait every time I need to interact with CI”.

Please simplify the UI for people with boring workflows! I want to continue being a fan for more years…