CircleCi freezes completely (again)

@Kate_Catlin I can’t view builds without it freezing, again. What happened to the other fix that was being worked on? It seems to be the latest Chrome update causing this now.

Can confirm. Which is a shame because the legacy UI experience is superior particularly in regards to the logs.

FireFox works great though, so using that for now. I’m curious what happened with Chrome.

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@mrsbutterworth @ProTip so sorry to hear this. Apologies for the delay in response, I was out for the vacatiton. We’ll do what we can to fix asap. Can either of you send us a link to where this is failing for you? We can’t reproduce it.

Hello @Kate_Catlin ,

This happens to me when viewing and following log output:

When I expand the last step to view the log(or when following it while it’s running) Chrome will start to become unresponsive. I’ve had the entire tab lock up completely multiple times to where refresh wouldn’t even work; I had to close the tab.

It works fine in FireFox.

Thanks @ProTip, most of our team is out on vacation but I’ll try and get to the bottom of this. .You may have to expand the second to last tab. Some Chrome renderer process starts using a lot of CPU.

@mrsbutterworth @ProTip thanks again for reporting this. We looked into it and it seems this issue only occurs on the old UI, not the new UI. Thus, we’re not going to put time into fixing it as all our efforts are focused on the new UI henceforth.

I suggest clicking the banner on the top of your page to opt in to the new UI!

@mrsbutterworth you may need to enable Pipeline Processing in your Project Settings under “Advanced Settings” to use it.

@ProTip anything specific we can do to change your mind about “legacy UI experience is superior particularly in regards to the logs”? What feels superior to you?

I’m not sure I have anything new to add in regards to the new UI that hasn’t been reported already.

If I had to distill it down to one sentence though; The old UI experience feels very complete and the new UI does not.

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@ProTip got it, thanks!

@Kate_Catlin Does that mean you’ll actually make the new UI backwards compatible?

@mrsbutterworth short-answer– mostly yes.

Longer answer– here’s the plan:

  • First we are moving all of our future backend processing to be Pipelines-processing in a manner that does not disrupt your builds as switching to Pipelines processing may currently. That project is likely to wrap up in early spring.
  • Since all future builds will be run through Pipelines-processing, they will be automatically compatible with the new UI.
  • We will build a backward-compatible view for all historical builds that did not run through Pipelines processing. Viewing an individual job will be largely the same for historical and future builds. Navigating through a list of historical runs, however, will be less pretty. We have no intention of building a jobs-centric or workflows-centric run list in the future. We are only investing in our Pipelines-centric run list henceforth. We will only provide a very basic navigational element to jump between non-Pipelines runs.

@Kate_Catlin TYVM

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@mrsbutterworth will that work for your use case? What comments or concerns does that leave you with?

@Kate_Catlin It works. I can use a different browser.

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