The build hangs indefinitely for over 26 hours blocking all builds, can't cancel



I have just stumbled upon a problem where I can’t run any builds at all on a free account. The problem is one RETRIED build which seems to be hanging for over 26 hours now without any output or other signs of progress. What’s interesting is that I can’t cancel it (there’s no button for that in the web UI).

I’ve tried to cancel it using Circle CI API, but receive a 404 response. Then I’ve tried to get its status, but also got 404.

It appears to be a malfunction of some sort on Circle CI server and I don’t think I’m able to fix this on my side. I would be glad if you could fix this for me.

Thanks in advance,


If it’s a public project, can you post a link? If not, can you DM a link please?


It’s a private project, I have sent you the link to the build privately.