My circle CI is down

Circle CI is down for us. It says we ran out of credits. We were waiting for invoice and we never got the invoice. Can some one help me. Call me at 818.288.4341 - This is urgent

Hi @srikanta-finix,

Sorry to hear you are running into issues with your account.

Could I have you create a support ticket at ?

If you have already submitted a ticket, please let me know the number and I will take a look.

Thank you!

Yes - I submitted the ticket 138518. As you can imagine this is urgent. Can you call me at 818.288.4341

We were waiting for the invoice from Circle CI and unfortunately, it never came. If you can temporarily give access to us to continue our work until tomorrow or if you want to us to pay you now let us know

Hi @aaronclark - Any updates?

@konczolkata @naoya - Can someone take a look at this ticket

Hi @srikanta-finix,

I have located your ticket, and am looking into it now.

Thanks so much. Is there any way you can give us temporary credits so that we can proceed with our build/deployment and definitely we can sort this out?

@srikanta-finix ,

I have escalated your case internally, and will provide further updates on your ticket.

Thank you for your patience while we look into this.

Best Regards

FYI - our organization id is finix-payments

@aaronclark Thanks for making adjustments at your end. It seems like builds are going through. Please keep it as is so that we continue our build and deployments to night and I will have a chat with the representative tomorrow and make sure this thing is sorted out

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Hi @srikanta-finix

Thank you for the confirmation!