Seeing :org-over-credit-limit for the first time. No email, no notification


I am seeing this error “Your build was not run - reason code (:org-over-credit-limit).” for the first time. I browsed through your forum and I now understand what it means, no need to elaborate further.

I am rather pissed since I received no notification whatsoever: no email, no in-app message. I am working on an unfunded project and you are basically forcing me to pay right now today, otherwise, I cannot build my project anymore. And it doesn’t stop there since I rely on CircleCI to deploy my code to my different servers.

I would have taken this issue off the forum but since I am a free user I don’t have direct access to email support. You shouldn’t take your users hostage. I have been using CircleCI for several years and I don’t think this is the way you want to treat loyal users.

If you can please find a short-term solution for me so that I can evaluate if and how I need to pay. Thanks

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