Your build was not run - reason code (:org-over-credit-limit)

This is a brand new error for me. I don’t understand i thought all builds would be queued using my 1 container. What’s the org-over-credit-liimt pertain to? Where do i see the credit limit and how much we’ve used?


Did you have any reply from the circleCI team ? I also seem to have this error on one of my repo but strangely builds on my other repo under the same namespace seem to be working well

Having the same issue.
Upgrade into circle 2.0 solved the problem for me.

We’re having the same issue, starting today.

We are also having the issue starting today.

Thanks for reporting this. The behaviour is intended. The free Linux plan on CircleCI has 1,500 minutes of build time available per month:

We have recently started enforcing the limit. You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove the build minutes limitation.

All customers who are affected by this should have received an email in preparation for the change.

Thanks for your understanding, the limit is to prevent abuse of the platform so we can provide the best service for everyone.

You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove the build minutes limitation.
If you’re building an Open Source project on MacOS you can contact us to request your project be covered by our Open Source plan which will remove the minutes limitation. OSS projects built on Linux do not count towards your usage limit.

Thanks Tom for this info, but I have a further question. It is October 2nd, we have not reached 1500 minutes of build time in the last two days. How is ‘month’ calculated in this case?


There’s some logic based on if you’ve ever paid before,etc. but if you haven’t, your monthly cycle is based on the date your org was created.

I can do some research to make sure we are’t making a mistake here - feel free to DM your org name.

That makes sense. I’ve just done some simple arithmetic, and we most certainly are above the threshold :smiley: , your clarification of date started fits this.


in complete transparency - we’ve had this limit for over a year and have only sparingly enforced it.
The reason we’re trying more systematic enforcement is that we are experimenting with giving all users more features (e.g., bigger machines but limited on usage) and accordingly, we need to prove whether we can actually systematically prevent abuse of the system. We need to balance our desire to get everyone on great CI with what AWS makes us pay them for all the compute… :slight_smile:

i understand the reasoning behind this, but i did not get any warning saying that i might be approaching the limit with our org. i’m also not able to see the current usage, or do i?

we rely on our buildpipeline as part of the automation and stuff like this really hurts us in production. of course we are willing to pay for a service that provides value for us, but it is not a trust building approach doing it like this.

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