CircleCi build fails with NOT RUN (:org-over-credit-limit) error when using caching, undocumented restrictions?

I changed up my circle.yml file to cache docker images and restore them on a build. The cache key makes use of the branch template so that it is restored only for the same branch. During the process of testing this I started to see the above error when my build kicked off, NOT RUN org-over-credit-limit. It seems this error is a little misleading, all documentation points to this being caused by overusing build minutes, however my teammates were still about to push up code and run their builds (minus my circle.yml changes) without issue. After much trial and error I reverted all the save_cache, restore_cache, lines in circle.yml and kicked off a build that worked fine. For about 2 days during my testing save_cache and restore_cache were working fine, then it appears I hit some undocumented threshold for caching?? At this point I’m not sure if I’m waiting until our monthiversary for things to refresh or what? Are there limitations to how many times things can be cached and restored? Can anyone explain this behavior?

If you want to see how many build minutes you have left, try:

Settings > Plan Overview > Linux Plan Overview

You should see a breakdown by month there.

(Aside: double-return in text will add paragraph breaks, making long paragraphs much easier to read).

Thanks for the reply! Maybe I should have made those 9 sentences easier to read because my point was definitely missed.

My point is that I’m seeing this error and it has nothing to do with build minutes. Regardless of what circle states for build minutes on that page referenced I can still kick off builds so long as my circle.yml file doesn’t include the “save_cache” and “restore_cache” blocks.

Like I mentioned this was working fine for about two days and all of a sudden it stopped and I started seeing the org-over-credit-limit error.

If I back out my caching changes, remove the cache blocks from circle.yml, and push up a new build everything works fine, no more error. If I put the blocks back in circle.yml and push up a build I see the error.

It seems as though there is some other undocumented resource limitation that is causing this error to be thrown and I’m trying to understand what it is.

Yes, please do. I can barely read it - I don’t know if it is just me, I really struggle without paragraphs.

I should have made it clear that my assistance above was responding to this specifically:

My thinking was that determining whether your build allowance has been used up may help in determining a possible cause. I am assuming you don’t know how much has been used, so the first thing is to find out :smiley_cat:

Ah, well I definitely know how to find our build minute usage in circle.

I was posting to find out why I’m seeing that error ONLY when I try to use caching. If it’s not build minutes that is causing it then what is? Ya know…