CircleCi freezes completely

hello, when I open a job and click on the accordion to open an entry which includes a lot of output probably my browser window is completely frozen and I cannot scroll anymore

Our entire organization has noticed the same - this only recently started happening - maybe ~1 week ago. Previously, we were able to open the circleci output page, and hold page down to scroll to the bottom of the output as it is streaming, and this would lock the output to the bottom of the screen and stream it.

Now, when there is large output, we cannot even open the job page - it seems like there was some change to the html here, perhaps some event bindings or dom node changes that were too aggressive? Even if we wait some time, scrolling is not possible, and the output disappears halfway through the scroll. It seems there is a hidden dom element covering the scrollbar as well. The lag is so excessive the only workaround is simply to close the tab

My team has noticed this exact same behavior… It’s extremely frustrating having to close and re-open tabs to see our test results. I’ve also noticed that when you refresh the tab sometimes it just hangs, not sure if these issues are related.

Thank you for reporting this! We’re looking into it right now.
Can any of you share a link to a job where this is occurring for you so we can reproduce the problem?

We’ve been having issues with accordion list in job steps just not being expandable, i.e. the dropdown arrow is missing for Checkout code or Restore Cache ccache:

This is making it impossible to debug cache origins, as I can’t tell if the cache was restored, or what previous job it was restored from.

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Kate - here is an example:

This one seems to be related to a failure that resulted in the large output situation, however, we have experienced this issue even while tests are running

We are seeing this issue with even our modest (200-300) line outputs, across all of our repositories. It began happening in the middle of last week.

Our outputs do contain a fair number of ANSI color escapes, and probably some cursor repositioning escapes, which may be a factor.

I can’t share any links, unfortunately, since all of my org’s repositories are private.

I think this isnt related to this issue, can you please open a new bug ticket for this issue

and then click on “Testing JavaScript” accordion entry

The team has discovered and deployed a solution.

Tl;dr– We updated the logic responsible for stripping ansi-codes in step out above a fixed threshold. The most recent update to Chromium decreased the performance impact of ansi-codes on large content.

Heads up, this means that for users whose step outputs are exceptionally long, they will no longer see colorized step output. There was formerly logic in place to disable colorization when the output got sufficiently large. That logic was where the bug lied and that is now fixed.

One of you may still be experiencing issues. It turns out your step output was even longer than that fix could handle and it is still performing errantly. We’re working on that issue separately.

Thank you for your patience and please let us know if you’re still having issues!

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great it works again! So you basically adjusted the threshold when ansi-codes get stripped

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