During build output not updating

We are running a build in circleci. We used to see a real time update of the build as it occurred via the web portal. Now we are not seeing the update and full output information doesn’t always seem to be given. Earlier today there were some problems with circleci announced by circleci so we thought those may be the issue. But apparently all systems are operational now. We are again seeing the build output not show in real time.

Is there something that is broken?


Hi Brian,

Not that I know of, but I will keep an eye out. Can you share the build URL if this is a public project, or open a ticket with it if private, so we can take a look?

I am having this exact same issue. I haven’t confirmed it yet, but it only seems to occur on one of our branches (master). The same branch is also running way slower than others. Very strange and incredibly frustrating. I will open up a ticket.

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I have the same problem. The Web UI has stopped updating. it used to update fairly reliably (but never perfect)… now, it seems to have stopped updating completely.

I have to refresh the page every time. I’m getting quite frustrated with it

I found a possible workaround - if the output stops appearing, just click on Pipelines in the left-hand-panel in CircleCI UI and then go back into the job and the output will appear as if by magic