All builds running slow

I was wondering if there was any fundamental changes done to CircleCi yesterday. We’ve been experiencing a lot of issues with our builds since then.

For one thing, builds are taking twice as long as they used to (some using python, some on node). We’ve had some builds hang that previously passed (which we’ve now fixed since they seemed to be related to Build hangs on pip installing Django). Our functional Selenium tests are failing where they previously passed.

The circleci status page reports everything as green, so I’m wondering if something changed to cause all of the differences we are seeing.

the circleci status page is lying :slight_smile:

I haven’t tested yet as we’ve had to disable everything but they posted this on the discussion board on the 13th: Sep 13, 2019

Builds continually running until timeout

Resolved - On September 12th we began rolling out Secret Masking to accounts. We discovered that this blocked output in some builds, causing the jobs to continually run until the max timeout was met.

Secret Masking was enabled on 2% of builds. As of September 13th at 13:30 UTC, Secret Masking has been disabled until we have a fix for this issue.
Sep 13, 14:30 UTC