CircleCI build issues (Why is this discussion closed?)


We are consistently seeing issues with CircleCI. This greatly impedes our productivity. For last 3 days CircleCI has been having issues, your status page also mentions these issues. Although, we start to see issues way before its displayed on status page.

What effort is being take to mitigate this? This pretty much impacts productivity of all engineers as they can’t seem to see results from CI.


Adding to this. The workflow issue of late have been a real pain and the status page is misleading, they usually start well before anything is noted on there, and when they are shown as resolved the issue never really is. For example, it currently says the wait time is 3 minutes and I’ve got a few jobs that have been sitting as ‘Not Running’ for about an hour.


Seeing the same issue as Greg. Workflows triggers, but the Jobs just hang in ‘Not Running’ state.

Restarting the workflow from beginning, or triggering new ones does not trigger build.

So this is currently a blocker preventing building or deploying.

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Same issue as the posters above me. Some workflows have been in queue for 40 minutes since this issue was marked as resolved on the status page.

Restarting the workflows or pushing fresh commits does not help.

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We are aware of the delays in workflows. Please know we have a team focused on determining the cause and working to remediate these issues. Please refer to for any updates.

Is the Docker executor queue slow at present?

Some of the engineers here are asking what we could do instead of circle, which is disappointing as I just got the workflows to build just how we want… except not queued 3 deep with the oldest being half an hour old. The purchasers here are concerned that “they seem to be at max capacity, and unable to scale”. I like the product, I want to keep using the product, these workflow issues are existentially threatening that reality.

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