Workflows stalled with no explanation

I’m making use of the new workflows feature (which so far has been great). I’ve had a few workflow builds complete successfully today, but for seemingly no reason workflows are now hanging with no indication as to why. Each workflow I’ve triggered in the past two hours ( has had the title “RUNNING” with no associated activity in the constituent build processes. There is no build queue. Triggering a rebuild on runs which have completed successfully has no effect.

Any help with this issue is much appreciated since we block pull requests on CI builds.

This is related to today’s outage:

I believe I’m still having these build queue issues - not sure it’s related to the outages. Builds always start quickly with no problems. However, my ‘requires’ tasks in the workflow randomly decide to hang for potentially hours for no reason after the dependent build task completed successfully stating it is queued “waiting for builds to finish”. There is nothing waiting to finish building. See this one for instance currently waiting for 12 minutes: or this one last night finally completed after waiting for 8.5+ hours to start for no apparent reason

I’m seeing the same symptoms (odd build queuing issues) again today. Builds stacking up with no explanation.

Just replied in another thread, but it seems to be a known issue with CI support (I filed a request) and they’re working on it.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We have identified and fixed the issue. Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems.