Job Stuck in Queue for >20 Minutes

After a new PR, the job has been stuck in the queue for a long time. The current “Queue” reads “20:52 waiting for jobs to finish”. I’m aware of an earlier related incident, which is currently marked as resolved. Is there any other known issues at this time? Thanks!


As an update, the build began after 23 minutes (“23:44 waiting + 00:01 in queue”).

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I am experiencing the same. Have 2 jobs and 2 containers. Both jobs are “Queued” while nothing is actually processing. 10 Minutes in queue behind nothing and counting for the first of the two jobs. Seems the earlier incident was not entirely resolved.


Same here… no jobs running and workflow job in pending for 13mins…
Status says green… CCI please look into this.

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Same issue here, we started noticing it about an hour ago.

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We’re also experiencing this. Same symptoms: no jobs running, but both queued jobs are “waiting for jobs to finish”.

Looks like a return of Indefinitely queued build

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Same here. Builds are stuck in queue. Been experiencing for last 60 minutes or so.

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+1 here as well. Cannot build.

Same here, builds are queued behind nothing. I also can’t cancel workflows.



Same here, I have been experiencing the same kind of delay multiple times today, two hours earlier a job actually started with like 15 mins of delay, my last jobs are stuck tho.

I am having the same issue, it is almost 30 minutes now and the jobs are stuck.

I am having the same issue

Stuck-in-queue still occurring for me as of 5:25pm Pacific, even though the issue from earlier today is showing as resolved.

My jobs are stuck too, even though is green.

Still stuck as “scheduled” here too “5:35 PST”

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