Is the Docker executor queue slow at present?

When we push to BitBucket, our experience in CircleCI 2.0 in the Docker executor is that our builds start within a few seconds. Today however they’ve been a bit sluggish, and my current one has been waiting for an executor for 22 minutes and still going (i.e. it has not started).

Is the queue especially full at the moment? :smiley_cat:

Different from ?

Dammit, sorry @drazisil :grin: - my bad.

I didn’t notice the gauge icon in the dashboard was a different colour. While I should have looked at the status page anyway, I wonder if that gauge icon could be really red or something?

The “needle” position is maybe a better indicator. I assume red is for a full outage, this is a delay.

The UX is a work in progress though, and I know that team would love to get your feedback if you have suggestions.

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We’ve had a build “waiting for jobs to finish” for about 15 mins, but we have no jobs running. The Queue shows a big empty blue box with a “0” at the top left and the blue circle at the right, but no other text. Not sure if this is related to the slow queue, or if this is something else.


Hi Steve. This is likely due to us pausing notifications as part of troubleshooting. It should get processed and update in a bit as that queue gets processed again.

Hello there, it would be great to see the notification message displayed sometimes for the “heroku problems”. For example, I had to come to the forum, check a couple of messages before finding this thread. (and the associated CircleCI status message)

It is at least the second time the problem occured in the last days. Is it link to something bigger ? (change of platform, new features or something)

Hi Julien. Couple questions. I’m not aware of any recent Heroku problems, can you elaborate?

Second, the notifications banner has been moved to a “speed gauge” type indicator in the top right of the navbar, is that not showing correctly?

To answer the second question, CircleCI build issues is the latest update I have in this regard.

I do not think there is a recent Heroku problem When there was a notification, it was most of the time an Heroku (which I do not use) problem. Ok for the “speed gauge”, I did not see that. (obviously) Thank you to point it out, it will be easier to follow up.

The thread you are indicated is the one I saw. It is from last week. For me, it seems like the same problem except for the delay which is longer than last week.
I do not mind a couple of minutes but 20 minutes is twice as my tests are taking. (plus the tests itself)

Ah, ok. The point I wanted to share was that we have a dedicated team assigned to getting the cause of these issues identified and resolved. We will share more in post mortem form when we can, I don’t have more information at this time.

I understand the impact and the frustration, and really appreciate the understanding.

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