Builds stuck on “QUEUED”

Builds stuck on “CIRCLE BUG” failed.

I tried after reinstalling circleci, but the result was the same.


  • circleci version: 2.3.0
    I installed the trial version as outlined in the guide (single box version).

circle 1.0 always stuck on QUEUED (I try
personal project and this
circle 2.0 always stuck on CIRCLE BUG (I try
personal project and this

I think it’s a problem of docker because 1.0 show error message.
‘This build requires 1 containers but the total number in the build fleet is 0. The build will remain queued, but it will be skipped until the build fleet is increased to 1 or more containers.’

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I see that there was an incident for this, and that it has been resolved. We’re still experiencing this for syndesisio/syndesis jobs.