New builds show "no workflow" after new checkins

It’s seems weird that all builds after 100 in my main branch now produce jobs with “no workflow.” The config file wasn’t changed at all. I’ve even reverted it to an older version just to test but nothing. It doesn’t appear that I’ve hit any limits with my plan.

Here’s a screenshot:

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I’m having a similar issue.

All of a sudden my workflows don’t work anymore. No chances made since 1 month ago:

Maybe that’s due to the current outages they have at CircleCI:

Pipelines & Workflows : Major Outage


As @danielW has mentioned, we are currently experiencing an active incident regarding workflows being delayed as well as the UI being unresponsive. We ask for your understanding while we work on resolving the incident, and for up to date information, please follow our status updates page: