New Ideas Don't Show Up

I noticed yesterday that a user reported a new Idea, but the link does not work.

I submitted a new Idea today and I am seeing the same problem. This may be a bug in Aha! It would be great if someone from the product team could look into this.

The idea I submitted should live here:

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Thanks for this @levlaz - I’ll take a look.


We’re going to look into this. Thanks @levlaz!


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Thanks for bringing this up @levlaz.

We had to make a change to our Ideas workflow due to a significant increase in the number of spam messages.

Going forward, the Product team is reviewing all ideas submitted through the Ideas portal. The ideas won’t show up on the portal until they are marked as reviewed on our side.

Don’t worry, even if your idea is not (yet) visible, we have received it and will process it shortly.

I will make sure that we update the Ideas portal success message to reflect this change. Thanks again!

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