Support Requests


We’re trying out CircleCI and we can’t get our build containers to see our other private github repos.

I sent a ticket to support about this and 18 hours later I received a reply asking me to post my question on this forum.

I’m disappointed by this support. There are a number of reasons I don’t want to post on the forum but the primary reason is that I assumed support engineers could see our build and thus avoid a lot of the back and forth and goes along with forum posts.

If we upgrade to paid containers, does support improve?


yup, it does, they used to give much more rapid responses, but it seems they are growing too fast to keep up with the demand. So now they are trying to create a better community, and a knowledge base of sorts.
We found that the direct support was faster when we upgraded to more containers, but that is just our perception.

regarding the problem, I would post as much information as you can with out giving away secrets. That will help us help you. It might be a easy fix. My first guess would be are you using http git requests, because that doesn’t work. Has to be SSH.


We actually got the problem figured out so we’re good. Thanks for the reply though.