CircleCI builds remain public after making Github repo private

My assumption is that:

  • builds for public Github repos should be public
  • builds for private Github repos should be private

So I just made this repo private:

But I can still see all the CircleCI builds for it:

I even started a new build after making the repo private, but both old builds as well as new builds are still publicly visible.

Is that the expected behaviour? How can I make sure my builds remain private?

Thank you for reporting this! This is certainly a bug since after a project is made private (and hence is no longer considered open source) we do not seem to remove the “Free and Open Source” flag.

Can you try to change this here and let me know if it helps?

I am logging a bug on our side to handle this a bit better.

Thanks, that did the trick!

Wasn’t aware of the extra F/OSS switch, and thought that the visibility is only triggered via the github repo’s private / public status. Good to know.

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Can that be done the other way around? I want to mark my now public previously private repo as open source.

Yes it should work in either direction. Can you flip the switch?

There is no Experimental section any more.

It’s listed under advanced settings now.

I cannot see any FOSS related option in advanced settings. The only options are:
JUnit support
GitHub Status updates
Permissive building of fork pull requests
Only build pull requests
Auto-cancel redundant builds

I’ve found “Free and Open Source” for other projects that are Open Source and switch is on. But for one that was private before, now public there no such switch.

The build log is also not accessible publicly:

Have you solved this problem? I encounter the same.

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