Status, Jobs, Workflow for public repository not visible


I have a public repository at with builds at

Unlike my other projects, I am not able to view my build status, jobs, or workflows for this repository when I am not logged in (e.g., in a private browsing window).

I believe the repository configuration got into a bad state because I followed the repository to trigger the first build instead of going to Add Projects -> Setup Project -> Start Building.

It would be great if I could get my repository made visible to I can link to my builds.


If you go into the advanced project settings, do you have “Free and Open Source” turned on?


I do not see this setting anywhere. THe only advanced settings I see are under Build Settings. In those settings there are:

  • GitHub Status updates
  • Buid forked pull requests
  • Pass secrets to build from forked pull requests
  • Only build pull requests
  • Auto-cancel redundant builds
  • Enable build processing (preview)


For the record, this setting is available on for my other projects.


That is very strange. Thank for the additional info, this definitely feels like bug.

Could you try to unfollow/refollow this project?


Unfollowing and re-following had no effect.


Thanks for giving it a try. Let me see if I can do some more debugging.


I tried modifying the payload that the page sends (through Firefox’s devtools request editor) to send {"feature_flags": {"oss": true}} (which is what my other projects send what that button gets toggled) but I get an HTTP 504.

This works for other settings on the page, just not the oss flag.


Is there some way I can open a support ticket to get this addressed?


Hi Brennie,

It looks like is available to me when I look in a private browsing window. I believe @levlaz fixed this and forgot to respond.

If you are still seeing issues, please open a ticket here and we can dig deeper into why this is not working for you.


I’m having a very similar issue :frowning:

For my forked project, when not logged in I can see individual jobs (e.g. but when trying to access the workflow (e.g. I get: ‘Login required’.

Is there any way to make workflow results publicly visible for F/OSS projects?


@pjoe You have a separate issue in the sense that you can see all pages by Workflows.

This is related to how we do permissions checks differently We aren’t treating this as a bug (since this page always worked this way) but we have created a Feature Request to gauge prioritization of the work needed to allow non-signed in user to access that page.

I’m going to close this thread since the original bug was resolved.

Edit: The request isn’t public right now but we will link your ticket to it.

closed #13