Status, Jobs, Workflows for public repository not visible

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We have a public repository at with pipelines at

However, on passing or failing jobs (e.g. users that are not logged in are redirected to CircleCIs login page. Since these runs are linked from pull requests, contain important information why a build is failing and the project is public, people should not be required to login.

For comparison, builds on Azure Pipelines ( or GitHub actions ( are reachable without login.

We have “free and open source” enabled in advanced settings.

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Thank you for the feedback @eps1lon! For now, this is working as designed.

We’ve gotten this feedback from OSS users before, and I know we’re still having internal discussions about it. I will make sure your feedback gets to the team because we can never have too much data supporting a chance.


How is that design helping users? From my perspective, it is not doing anything besides giving CircleCI access to our data without having a choice.

Is there a paid plan that allows me to turn this feature off?