Making the dashboard public

I’ve got a public open-source project ( that I recently set up with CircleCI. However, I just noticed that the link ( goes to a login page unless you’re logged in as me. I’ve verified that the Free And Open Source slider is enabled in the project settings, but that hasn’t changed anything; I also don’t seem to have the open-source-project credit count, though I don’t really care about that right now.

Is CircleCI not detecting my project as open? Or not detecting my project as public? How can I fix this?

Hi @ZorbaTHut,

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Users need to create an account to see public projects build logs on CircleCI because our V2 API will not allow us to make unauthenticated requests. We used to allow this before.

Pawan Bahuguna

That’s . . . not very useful for open-source projects, honestly, I want it to be easily visible.

Alright, well, off to find another CI system then. Thanks for the info!

Sorry this isn’t something that we can help you with today. For anyone passionate about this we are tracking comments and votes here to help raise visibility for prioritization. By voting on this idea, you will also receive e-mail notifications if there are any status changes. Such as when it’s being actively worked on or completed.