CircleCI builds remain private after making Github repo public

A few days ago I made my repository public:

But I can’t still see all the CircleCI builds for it:

Is that the expected behaviour? How can I make sure my builds remain public?

In Project Settings> Advanced. The Free and Open Source option the switch is locked

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Hi @onimur! Welcome to the community. Let me check with the team on this and see what’s going on here. Thanks for checking the Free & Open Source option first :slight_smile:

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Right now, in order to see the “Public” builds, people still need to log into CircleCI. They do not need to have any specific permissions or associations with the project, but they do need to be logged into CircleCI.

There is definitely room for improvement here, so any feedback is welcome.

Hello @thekatertot thanks for support.

I was able to keep my compilations public after recreating my repository on github. Even the “Free & Open Source” option switch is enabled and can be changed.

It is now possible to view the builds without being logged in.

Is there no trigger to make this switch when a repository on github goes from private to public and vice versa?

Thank you for your attention.

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I’m glad it’s working for you! I don’t think there’s a trigger for that behavior right now, but I’ll chat with the team and make sure.

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