Self-hosted runner builds asking for credits

I’ve used up my credits on Free plan, so have switched to self-hosted runners.
I’ve managed to set up my self-hosted runner agent successfully, edited the config.yml with my resource class, but when I build on CircleCI, it keeps saying I’m out of credits.

I suppose credits are not used for self-hosted runners? How I can run my builds without credits?

My config file:

    resource_class: nikktto/regular
      - run: echo "Hello world!""

It maybe quicker for you to raise a support ticket via

Many of the people here providing help are external volunteers who do not have access to internal systems to see their exact status.

I can make a guess - the system most likely checks for available credit before any check on the type of runner being used. It may not even understand self-hosted runners beyond the fact that they are billed at zero cost once they have completed. This again is something that only the internal teams could look into.

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Very useful, thanks rit1010!

FYI CircleCI support replied within the hour:

Thank you for contacting CircleCI Support!

I am happy to help you with this. To continue building on CircleCI you will need to upgrade to a paid plan:

Alternatively, you may also wait for your next credit refill (free). Your next refill will be on 03/01/2023.

This isn’t great news considering with GitLab one can choose self-hosted runners and continue off without credits.

Q. Are CI/CD Minutes used on users/customers’ own runners accounted into the quota?

A. No. The CI/CD Minutes limit is for jobs using GitLab shared runners. Users/Customers can bring their own runners. CI/CD minutes used on their own runners are not accounted into the limit.

Looks like I’ll have to leave CircleCI for now.