Trouble setting up self host runner


We are using CircleCI for a class and we ran out of credits for the free tier so we wanted to setup a self hosted runner.

We are using an AWS EC2 t4.medium ARM instance, and followed the machine install steps.

The runner appears as available in the ‘self hosted runners’ tab of the circleci web app.

We are trying to test the runner using the following configuration

version: 2.1
      - runner-test
    machine: true
    resource_class: org/class
      - run: echo "Testing self-hosted runner!"

The problem is that, when running the job, circleci returns the out of credits error, and it seems that the task is never loaded to the self hosted runner.

Do we need available credits to use the self hosted runner?
Might we be missing something?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

That has come up before and was noted by CircleCI staff at the time.

Yes, currently the circleci process checks for credits before it checks where the build is to be run.

You need to raise a support ticket and I’ll drop a message to my forum contact to see if someone can advance the ticket.

Hello @rit1010 ,

Thank you very much for your answer, that clarifies where the error is coming from.
Already sent a ticket as you recommended. Ticket number #133884.

I will appreciate if you can help us advance the ticket :blush:.

Have a great week.

I’m just an external volunteer, so I’m unable to directly help with processing a ticket. While CircleCI does say that it can take a number of working days for them to process a ticket from a free account user they are normally faster.

Oh okay, I still appreciate the help provided, thank you very much.