Self-hosted runners with free plan

I am trying to POC the build with self hosted runner with the free plan, is that possible or it requires a license ?

I am getting the below error :

time="2022-03-24T09:22:07Z" level=error msg="error running task" error="unexpected error claiming task: wrong content type received \"text/html; charset=utf-8\" (403-Forbidden)

Any idea what I do wrong ?
Thanks a lot

Self-hosted runners are allowed on the free plan, as that is what I have deployed.

The error you have posted does not have enough context to comment on, what I can say is that the docs are not that clear on all the steps needed to get a runner installed and connected to the central system.

Thanks for the answer, here are the steps I did :

  • from cli :
    • create namespace
    • create resource class with token
  • with kubectl
    • create the namespace
    • create the secret with namespace, resource class and token

Finally :
Edit the values.yaml file (add proxy settings as env)
helm install

Am I missing something ?

Until you have a full understanding of the steps I would recommend you work within a VM instance of the OS you wish to deploy as that will remove kubectl from the mix as getting this all working needs easy (and constant) access to the CLI.

The steps I have for Linux are

  • Install the CircleCLI - This needs a API token
  • Create a namespace - One time task for the whole account and is linked to a single repository!
  • Create runner on namespace - this generates a long auth token string
  • configure launch-agent-config.yaml with the long auth token
  • setup the systemd agent
  • enable the system agent
  • reboot or start the systems agent

The command “circleci runner instance list vatogo list” should show the defined runner linked to the namespace

The command ‘systemctl status circleci.service --no-pager’ should show the runner running without errors.

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Ok my bad, the company proxy was blocking.

For information with free plan, one can set up to 5 self hosted runners.


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