K8s Container Runner pod giving request errors

I deployed container-agent to my minikube k8s cluster using helm and the instructions found here. The deployment succeeds & the container-agent pod is running, however I am seeing the following error in the logs repeatedly:

02:41:10 d3ece 268.258ms httpclient: container-agent /api/v3/runner/claim app.loop_name=claim: namespace.my-rc error=call: POST /api/v3/runner/claim failed with: x509: certificate is valid for *.apps.openshift.vriendenrack.nl, not runner.circleci.com

The first thing in my logs is also the line WARN: Missing API Key. but I am not sure if that is relevant or how an API key could even be passed to the deployment.

My values.yaml is set up properly and CircleCI recognizes an idle self-hosted container-agent running @ version 3.0.3-1792-1bb89d3. Any help is appreciated!


Would it be possible to confirm if you set the token: <resource_class_token> this should have been generated as part of the installation from the previous installation page bellow

If you have set this I will be happy to inform our team of this issue and we will investigate this issue for you.

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver