Ruby 2.3.1 on Precise

I built a binary for Ruby 2.3.1 and uploaded it to our s3 bucket:

You can make use of it by adding the following to your circle.yml:

    - rvm mount -r

    version: 2.3.1

This added about 15 seconds to my build time, but the upside of this approach is that we can make these binaries available with a much faster turnaround than our image updates. Our process for modifying our images is more structured and needs to pass many checks. An image change affects nearly all of our customers, including those who don’t use Ruby at all.

You should still expect our images to pre-package relevant language runtimes. This approach gives us a good way to get new runtimes to you sooner.


Thanks @Eric this is great!

Will this method works with rbenv?

I’m not sure what’s necessary to do this with rbenv. We have rvm installed on our images, so that’s the only Ruby version manager we currently support.