Ruby 3.3 preview build (nightly trunk?)

Hello! Hope you’re all doing well.

I was wondering if there would be a way to get a Ruby 3.3 build on cimg-ruby[1]. The most recent release is 3.3.0-preview3[2], with the expected final release to come on Christmas (as usual :pray:).

I’m also interested if you would be willing to add support for a nightly build from trunk[3] so that we can always run the latest changes in CI.

For sure, there are some risks involved with this, and I don’t want to increase your support load, maybe a -experimental tag would help alleviate some of that?

Thanks for your time and consideration! :bow:


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This would be useful. I just updated the fastlane repo to be compatible with ruby 3.3.0 preview3. Having support on circle when we are getting close to release allows us to make sure we are able to support major releases as soon as they are out.