Plan page unreachable

Hi there,

I am trying to access but the loader loads infinitely.

I would like to upgrade my account, but no can do right now…

Could you have a look at it ?


PS: In case that helps I logged it with github.

That page will spin if you navigate there without the proper GitHub permissions. Are you an Admin on the Org? That’s the issue 95% of the time.

@rishimkumar - I am also seeing this in the enterprise application and have reported it on a few threads in this forum. I am an admin and have no permission issues. This issue has been going on for the last few enterprise releases starting with when the version numbering changed from 0.2.x to 1.4x.x.

Hi @SmoshySmosh. Thanks! this is a different bug unrelated to permissions. I’ve seen this reported per the recent release and I understand someone is currently fixing. cc @ndintenfass

I love folks using Discuss so please don’t let me discourage you; just letting you know that as an Enterprise customer, you can also directly submit tickets to Support (or can go through your Customer Success Manager).


I was indeed not an admin.

Maybe a warning could be nice to be displayed on the page for the next guy :slight_smile:



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