Various specs suddenly started flickering


Since I first pushed this morning (approx 10.30 UTC), we’ve had a bunch of flickering specs that a) haven’t flickered before and b) only flicker on Circle. It could be my imagination, but I also feel like the spec suites are running slower (which is consistent with one of the new errors being Net::OpenTimeout)

I noticed Circle seemed to have a new skin today, so rather than troubleshooting the errors I wanted to check if there were a known issue with something Circle had deployed in the last 24 hours (and if so if there’s an ETA for the fix)?




Wanted to add a +1, as we are seeing the exact same issue, starting at the same time.

P.S. figuring additional corroboration of a bug report adds to the discussion, per the community guidelines. If there is a better way to corroborate bug reports, please let me know.