I can not edit the page of Contexts, because of "Organization Membership Needed"

I can not edit the page of Contexts.
It was edited on the Contexts page until a few days ago.
But now

Organization Membership Needed
To view / edit this page, you must have an organization member with push permissions on GitHub.

It will be displayed.

I think that we have not changed authority etc.
By the way, I have the Owner authority of Github.
Even if you log in as a different Owner user, it is in the same state.


Similar issue happens to me. I cannot see contexts, even in my own github org.

@gorilych @fs-kitamura did either of you happen to rename your org recently?

I have the same issue on both Github and Bitbucket. Iā€™m the owner of both organization but I get the same error.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention we are debugging this now and will provide an update soon.


A fix that should resolve the issue has been rolled out. Thank you for your patience!


@stella @levlaz
Sorry for the late reply.

I checked it now, I confirmed that contexts are displayed!
Thank you for your debugging.

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