Getting all seats taken error, but have 3 seats and only 3 users, jobs will not run

This new billing system is a pain to use. I wish we could roll back to the old one, was so much easier.

So my account has 3 seats, and in the users section, it shows 3 users. (No obviously way to remove or add users).

When 1 of my users tries to do an update in Github, CircleCI receives it, but won’t run it saying:

This job has been blocked because no user seats are available on your plan. Please purchase more user seats to continue building.

So I’m stuck, no point in buying another seat as I don’t need it. No way to remove and try to re-add a user.

Anyone else run into this and been able to resolve it?

Anyone had any luck in getting CircleCI to let them go back to the old plans that worked and were less hassle? I’ve asked a couple times already and keep getting the stone wall of “not available”. I’d happily pay the extra $20 a month to get them back. Saving $20 is not worth all the pain and headaches this new plan has caused over the last few months.

This issue is back again for some reason, even through we don’t have any more users, or changes to the users. @circleci - could you please help us out with a permanent fix to this issue.