Performance Plan Billing Update

We’re pleased to announce an update that will simplify billing for teams on the Performance plan. Now user seats and compute will both be paid out of the same pool of credits. This change will not impact your costs unless additional active users start building on your plan.

Starting on your April billing date:

  • Pay for user seats with credits: You will still get your first three user seats for the price of one (equating to 25,000 credits/month). Each additional user over the first three will cost 25,000 credits/month. This is equal to the current additional user seat price of $15/user.

  • No more service disruptions when new users are added: Since user seats will be paid by credits, the addition of a new active user will simply deduct 25,000 credits from your overall credit allotment.

  • Spend credits only for active users: Credits covering user seats will only be consumed for users during the months in which a user actively builds on CircleCI.


Does the change to credit-based users affect my plan cost?

This change to a credit-based user model will not affect the cost of your Performance plan. The cost of the first three users, and each additional user thereafter, is 25,000 credits(equivalent to $15).

How do I calculate how many credits I need based on the number of users on my team?

Converting the number of users you have into credits can be done using this equation:

  • (25,000) + ( # of total users - 3) x 25,000
    • Note: This calculation will only tell how many credits are needed for users, and does not include credits needed for compute

How will this affect the current credit pool?

Starting on the first day of your billing cycle in April, you will pay the same (barring any changes you make to your billing) but there will no longer be a separate line item for user seats. The number of credits on your plan will increase accordingly, as it will now account for compute credits + user credits. Previously, credits were solely for compute, and a separate dollar amount was attached to user price. The dollar amount for user seats will no longer be a component of your plan, since users can be paid for with credits.

When do credits get consumed for an active user?

When a user on your team triggers a build to CircleCI for the first time in a billing period, 25,000 credits are subtracted from your credit pool.

What do 25,000 credits cost in dollars?

All credits are priced at $15 per 25,000 credits ($0.0006/1 credit).

Will bringing a new user onboard result in running out of credits?

As a standard protective feature on the Performance plan, when remaining credits reach 2% of your original amount, you will trigger a partial refill of credits to keep your team actively building. For more information on this process, see our pricing FAQ.

Why did you change from the old billing model?

We are introducing this new credit-based model so that you will no longer have to manually set or update user seats on your plan. User seats will autoscale to keep up with your team and its changing needs, resulting in a more dynamic and flexible experience for team members building on CircleCI.