Performance pricing clarification


I’m trying to understand performance pricing. I’ve seen in places “unlimited contributors” however also when going to the signup page per-seat pricing? What type of user/usage constitutes “seat” usage?

We are considering a performance plan for our private repo and also to share into our OSS project for access to the resource sizing. Internally we don’t silo our build/repo access so potentially anyone could view a build. I’m trying to determine if moving to a performance plan would require a seat purchase for every employee at the company as well as every OSS contributor?

I’m creating this post in the public forum as I suspect others may share this confusion as well…


We’re currently using performance plan, the “User Seats” seems like an upper bound of the user that have pushed commit into Github and triggered the build process.

But I think it doesn’t make sense, because our team doesn’t trigger build or test at the same time. So it will break your build or test process if the user meets the limitation, it’s very annoying while you need a production build immediately.

I strongly recommend CircleCI to adjust “User Seats” policy, because CircleCI has charged by usage, you shouldn’t charge by users. It looks like duplicated charging.

So we’re planning to find other suitable and reasonable CI/CD system.

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